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Vision and values

Our Vision
At Farnborough State School, we aim to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students, with every student learning and achieving every day in every classroom. We want all students to love learning, be healthy and active and develop into life-long learners. We work hard to provide a healthy and sustainable school environment.
Our core learning priorities are reading, writing and numeracy, taught in a rich and challenging curriculum that is differentiated to meet student needs. Our curriculum offerings include Science, History, Geography, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and we incorporate the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden into this curriculum. Within all subject areas we strive for high quality teaching and aim for strong academic student outcomes.
We value the development of a respectful, caring and safe environment and nurture meaningful partnerships both within and outside the school
 Our measures of success are the development of happy, engaged students, who demonstrate strong academic outcomes and an ability to persevere with tasks and the achievement of high levels of student, parent, staff and school community confidence in the school’s performance.
Our Values
At Farnborough State School we are guided by the values of Fair, Safe and Studious. We are fair in our respect for others and the provision of opportunity for all students, provide a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment which creates a sense of belonging for all students and are studious in valuing academic performance and striving for academic excellence. Through our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and associated activities we encourage the development of healthy and sustainable environments
We are a Bucket Filling School
The basic idea Bucket Filling  is that we all carry an invisible bucket which contains our feelings and emotional wellbeing. When our bucket is full, we feel happy and when it is empty, we feel sad or angry. A Bucket Filler is someone who says or does something nice for others. This can be as simple as a smile, a compliment or an act of kindness. On the other hand, a Bucket Dipper says or does something to cause other people to feel bad.
Farnborough students are bucket fillers. Students are introduced to the program in prep and acknowledged for Bucket Filling acts through all year levels.